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Every year, more and more international students choose Canada, a country where they can receive a world-class education. There are many reasons for this. Canadian diplomas and degrees are universally recognized and respected in the highest academic, government and business circles in the world. A graduate of a Canadian university, medical school or law school can work in their specialty in almost any country.

Programs popular among applicants are located in a variety of areas of knowledge: natural sciences, fine arts, economics, business, linguistics, high technology, cinematography and much more. A feature of most educational institutions in Canada is the possibility of paid internships while studying in academic programs.

Our company has repeatedly visited Canada and its educational institutions, we will help you and your children in the selection and admission process.

Canada has two official languages ​​- English and French, 75% of the French-speaking population lives in the eastern part of the country in the province of Quebec, and there are French-speaking communities throughout Canada. In total, over 1 billion people in the world speak English and 250 million French. Here's another reason for a trip to Canada - learning two languages ​​at once without leaving the country. Higher and post-higher education can also be obtained in the language that interests you.

In addition to these advantages, there are many others: security, a high standard of living (according to the UN, since the early 90s, Canada has been one of the 10 countries with the highest standard of living), the pristine beauty of nature - now there are 42 national parks and reserves located protected by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites. The largest Canadian cities Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton are recognized as world-class cities for their cleanliness, safety, variety of cultural events, and a high standard of living.

It is also important that the attractive cost of education, as well as the total cost of living in the country, make Canadian education a real value - one of the best in terms of value for money. Education at all levels is subsidized by the government, making tuition fees much lower compared to most Western countries. In addition, universities, colleges, schools themselves, as well as various private organizations provide scholarships to the most talented students, including foreign ones.


The education system in Canada includes both public and private educational institutions - from kindergartens to postgraduate education institutions. There are excellent opportunities for foreigners to get a high quality education here. For this purpose, there are three types of educational institutions in Canada: universities, colleges, polytechnic institutes.

The universities provide vocational training in higher education programs leading to a degree. Colleges and polytechnic institutes offer secondary vocational education focused on obtaining a particular profession with the issuance of an appropriate certificate or diploma. Some colleges offer bachelor's degrees. In some cases, after graduating from college, you can continue your education at the university, taking into account the passed disciplines.

Now in Canada, there are about 100 higher and 150 secondary vocational schools. Over the past 10 years, many university colleges have received the title of university for high academic achievements, high-quality professional work of teachers, as well as for expanding the list of offered training programs.

Higher education in Canada, as in most foreign countries in Europe and America, consists of three stages:

  • Initial higher education (undergradute) with the assignment of a bachelor's degree (Bachelor Degree). Duration of study for undergraduate programs is 4 years.
  • A Master's degree comparable to our graduate program with a Master's degree. (Master's Degree). Master's or Master's degrees are awarded after 1-2 years of study and thesis defense. The master's programs are purely scientific and theoretical in nature, and are more suitable for those students who see themselves as scientists, teachers, professors or researchers. For those who want to get a practical and applied education, it is worth paying attention to the rich selection of postgraduate programs with the assignment of a postgraduate diploma or certificate in the chosen specialty. The duration of such programs is usually 1 year, some of them even include 1 semester of paid internship. These programs can be taken both at universities and colleges and polytechnic schools.
  • Doctorate (PhD) with a doctorate degree. Duration of training is 3-4 years. Persons with a master's degree are accepted for this program, however, some universities also accept undergraduate graduates for doctoral studies if they have received an honors degree.

Several colleges and universities in Canada offer students a unique "study + practice" program. This program allows students with good academic performance to combine study with paid internships in specialized firms. Students alternate academic semesters with work semesters. The advantage of this program is that already during study, the student gains work experience, has the opportunity to form an opinion about the chosen specialty, to assess how interesting the profession is. In addition, the internship is paid, and the student can save a significant amount for tuition fees. 


You can study in Canada with two types of visas - up to six months with a temporary resident visa, more than six months with a study permit visa.

A temporary resident visa, as a rule, does not require a lengthy application procedure and is convenient for short-term language or vacation programs. The holder of a temporary resident visa can combine training with tourism, sports. According to immigration law, you cannot work in Canada with a temporary resident visa.

A student visa (study permit) can be issued for the entire period of study, even if you have to study at several educational institutions and spend several years on this: for example, sequentially - in English courses, at the preparatory department of the university and at the university. Visitors to Canada with a student visa may be eligible to work up to 20 hours a week and full time during vacations.

It often happens that the parents who sent the child to Canada want to visit him. It is quite possible with a tourist visa. Moreover, visiting a son or daughter can be combined with relaxation and acquaintance with the country, or with short-term studies (up to 6 months) in English or French courses.


If you are interested in studying in Canada and you find it difficult to choose a specialty, why not follow the link Enter the name of the profession and the province of Canada and you will be presented with a list of employers offering matching positions and salary numbers. It will also help to understand in which provinces it is easier to find work. If you are interested in working in Canada, then follow the link to get full information about it. You will find out which job is currently most in demand in Canada and you can select a job by entering the name of the training program!

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