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Niagara College

Year of foundation

Age: 17+

This is a state college of Canada. It has three campuses, one of which is located in the immediate vicinity of Niagara Falls. Each campus has several faculties. The management of the college believes that its name has a deep meaning: as a river breaks its bed in stone, so the knowledge received by students in college pave the way for them in life.

The college is 1 hour and 15 minutes from Toronto, away from the temptations of the big city. Students have all the conditions to focus on their studies!

Niagara College can be deservedly proud not only for its high rating among students, but also for the fact that it includes one of the most famous Culinary Institutes in Canada, as well as the first Canadian winery, which prepares future wine tasters and producers.

It is the only college in North America to have its own vineyard and restaurant.

The wines created at this college have won numerous awards. It even produces the famous and very expensive Iced Wine.


  • Small classrooms, friendly college staff and highly professional teachers provide students with the opportunity to achieve high academic and career outcomes.
  • The college graduated from famous world-renowned chefs. Now they come to college for consultations and project management.
  • 90% of college graduates find work within 6 months and are guaranteed a work visa: for 1 year at the end of a 1-year program, for 2-3 years at the end of a 3-year program. The visa is issued even before the graduate finds a job. Further, the graduate can apply for a residence permit.
  • The college ranks first in Canada for the preparation of bachelors in hospitality.
  • It is the only college with its own vineyard in North America.
  • The college has its own greenhouse and a spa center for practical training.
  • The college has a preparatory program for entering the university (age - from 17 years, a prerequisite - 60-65% of good grades). However, a bachelor's degree from this college is equivalent to a university degree. In addition, you can get a master's degree here.
  • Students in Canada are allowed to work 20 hours a week during their studies.


  • Certificate (1 year)
  • Diploma (2 years)
  • Diploma (3 years)
  • Bachelor's degree (4 years)

Tourism and hospitality

  • Bachelor of Business – (Hospitality Operations Management) - 4 года
  • Brewmaster and Brewery Operations Management – 2 года
  • Culinary Skills – Chef Training – 1 год
  • Culinary Management (Co-op) – 2 года
  • Esthetician – 2 года
  • Event Management (Graduate) – 1 год
  • Executive Chef (Graduate) – 1 год
  • Hairstyling Techniques – 1 год
  • Hospitality and Tourism Management System (Graduate) - 1 год
  • Hospitality Management – Hotel and Restaurant (Co-op) - 2 года
  • Tourism management – Business Development (Co-op) - 2 года
  • Wine Business Management (Graduate) – 1 год


  • Bachelor of Business – International Commerce & Global Development – 4 года
  • Business Accounting (Academic) – 2 года
  • Business Administration – Accounting (Academic) – 3 года
  • Business Administration – Human Resources (Co-op) - 3 года
  • Business Administration - International Business - 3 года
  • Business Administration – Marketing - 3 года
  • Business Administration - Operations Management (Co-op) - 3 года
  • Business Administration – Professional Golf Management (Co-op) - 3 года
  • Business – General - 2 года
  • Business – International Business - 2 года
  • Business – Sales and Marketing - 2 года
  • Human Resources Management - (Graduate) - 1 год
  • International Business Management - (Graduate) - 1 год
  • Journalism – Print - 2 года
  • Office Administration Executive (Co-op) – 1 и 2 года
  • Public Relations (Graduate) - 1 год

Computer hardware and information technology

  • Acting for Television and Film - 2 года
  • Broadcasting – Radio, Television & Film - 3 года
  • Computer Engineering Technician - 2 года
  • Computer Programmer/Analyst (Co-op) 2 и 3 года
  • Computer Systems Technician - 2 года
  • Digital Photography - 2 года
  • Graphic Design – Advanced - 3 года
  • Graphic Design Production – Art & Design Fundamentals - 2 года
  • New Media Web Design - 2 года

English Language

  • English for Academic Preparation – 4 месяца
  • Conversational English – 4 или 8 недель

Engineering technology

  • Advanced Laser Technology - (Graduate) - 1 год
  • Civil Engineering Technician - 2 года
  • Construction Engineering Technology – Architecture - 3 года
  • Construction Techniques - 1 год
  • Construction Renovation Technician - 2 года
  • Electrical Engineering Technician & Technology (Co-op) - 2 и 3 года
  • Electronics Engineering Technician & Technology (Co-op) - 2 и 3 года
  • Mechanical Engineering Technician & Technology (Co-op) - 2 и 3 года
  • Mechanical Techniques (Precision Machining) - 1 год
  • Motive Power Technician – Automotive (Co-op) - 2 года
  • Photonics Engineering Technician & Technology - 2 и 3 года
  • Welding Technician - 2 года
  • Welding Techniques - 1 год

Environment, horticulture and agribusiness

  • Ecosystem Restoration (Graduate) - 1 год
  • Environmental Management & Assessment (Graduate) - 1 год
  • Environmental Technician – Field & Laboratory (Co-op) - 2 года
  • Geographic Information Systems – Geospatial Management (GIS) (Graduate) - 1 год
  • Greenhouse Technician (Co-op) - 2 года
  • Horticulture Technician (Co-op) - 2 года
  • Landscape technician (Co-op) - 2 года
  • Winery & Viticulture Technician (Co-op) - 2 года

Medicine and social programs

  • Child & Youth Worker - 3 года
  • Community and Justice Services (Correctional Worker) - 2 года
  • Dental Office Administration - 1 год
  • Early Childhood Education – 2 года
  • Early Childhood Education – Resource Teacher (Graduate) - 1 год
  • Educational Assistant – Special Needs Support - 2 года
  • Fitness & Health Promotion - 2 года
  • General Arts & Science – 1 и 2 года
  • Law & Security Administration - 2 года
  • Law Clerk (Co-op) - 2 года
  • Military Arts and Science - 2 года
  • Occupational Therapist Assistant and Physiotherapist Assistant - 2 года
  • Personal Support Worker - 1 год
  • Pharmacy Technician - 2 года
  • Police Foundations - 2 года
  • Practical Nursing - 2 года
  • Recreation & Leisure Services - 2 года
  • Recreation Therapy - 2 года
  • Social Service Worker - 2 года


Accommodation in a residence on campus. Rooms at Niagara College Residences are designed for students who would like to have a student living experience while still having some personal space.

The spacious campus residences in Welland have 117 two-room suites. The Niagara-on-the-Lake campus offers 101 double rooms. They all have a small kitchenette, a bathroom and provide first-class cleaning services. The main advantage of the residences is that they are located just a few steps from educational buildings and other campus facilities.

COST, 2021-2022

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Extra paid

  • Services of the company "Paradise"


  • Help with choosing the right program.
  • Paperwork (translation of documents confirming education; assistance in writing curricula, motivation letters; consultations on the collection of documents confirming the financial viability of the sponsor).
  • Supervising the student in the first month of study: assistance in resolving issues related to resettlement, billing and adaptation in a new educational institution.


If you are interested in studying in Canada and you find it difficult to choose a specialty, why not follow the link Enter the name of the profession and the province of Canada and you will be presented with a list of employers offering matching positions and salary numbers. It will also help to understand in which provinces it is easier to find work.

If you are interested in working in Canada, then follow the link to get full information about it. You will find out which job is currently most in demand in Canada and you can select a job by entering the name of the training program!

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