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York University


Age: 17+

York University is located in Toronto, Ontario. The university is an organic part of a dynamic and multicultural city. It is the third largest university in Canada. About 55,000 students study here, 7,000 teachers and university staff work. The university has 28 research centers and 10 faculties, and also collaborates with 288 leading universities around the world. There are 260,000 alumni worldwide.

Relatively young, the University of York has managed to gain an excellent reputation in the field of teaching law and management (there is an opportunity to obtain related degrees in these areas in conjunction with New York and Northwestern Universities). The university participates in the Canadian Space Program. The Department of Science and Engineering at York University is Canada's premier research institution for Mars exploration. He is responsible for the development of a number of technologies and methods that NASA uses.


  • The mission of the university is the search, preservation and dissemination of knowledge.
  • One of the largest geography departments in North America.
  • Space Engineering: A one-of-a-kind program in Canada.
  • Here you can get an international bachelor's degree in business management, combining it with the study of a foreign language of your choice: Arabic, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.
  • Notable alumni include UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Louise Arbor, famous actors, businessmen and politicians
  • It is difficult to enter these universities, it is impossible for a foreigner without preparation. Braemar College is an excellent preparation for entering this university.


York University is a real city within a city. The campus covers more than 180 hectares, which houses shops, cafes, restaurants, hairdressers, dental clinics, electronics stores and even banks. For students, this is an ideal place for study and recreation; life on campus is bright and diverse - both sports, cultural and social. At the disposal of students are gyms, dance studios, a swimming pool. The number of student associations is about three hundred.

Students have access to 6 libraries containing over 6.5 million materials, including 2 million books. The territory also has the York Art Gallery, the Sandra Fair and Ivan Fetzan Theater. The university has its own language center, which deals with academic language training. It even has its own observatory, as well as a special special room, "IVI", which is designed to study human behavior in Space.

The university has two modern campuses near Toronto. Glendon is the only campus in Canada that offers bilingual education (English and French) and specializes in liberal arts studies. On the second campus - Keele - 5 libraries, high-level sports grounds, residences, a bookstore, an astronomical observatory.


The university consists of 11 faculties.

  • Faculty of Liberal Arts and Applied Sciences.
  • Osgood Hall Law School is one of Canada's oldest and most prestigious law schools.
  • School of Business. Shulikha - ranked in the 20 best business schools in the world, recognized as the best business school in Canada.
  • Glendon College is a bilingual liberal arts institution.
  • Faculty of Pedagogy.
  • Faculty of Environmental Studies.
  • Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering.
  • Faculty of Health.
  • Faculty of Fine Arts.
  • Faculty of Graduate Studies.
  • Faculty of Art, Media and Design.

The University provides training in various training programs: bachelor's and master's programs, certificate programs, diploma and postgraduate programs.


Accommodation in one of 9 student residences: seven on the Keele campus, two on the Glendon campus. Just steps from classrooms, gym, student café. Various cafes and canteens are located nearby, and the residence has a kitchen and refrigerator.

Accommodation in a student residence implies a place in a room for one / two, comfortable furniture, a shared bathroom, Internet access, a microwave oven, a refrigerator, a washing machine and cable TV, a common lounge, 24-hour security.


At the university it is possible to practice various sports, both team and individual, both active and calm and relaxing. Students can choose from: basketball, baseball, hockey, rugby, tennis, volleyball, wrestling, running, dancing, yoga, martial arts, Pilates, aerobics, swimming.


An active social and cultural life takes place on the campus. More than 300 student societies and clubs operate here, from the association of marketers to the society of film lovers. There is a theater and an art gallery. Thus, during training, students have the opportunity not only to receive high-quality education, but also to develop comprehensively.

COST, 2021-2022

CAD $32,502 - for most programs
CAD $30,349 - Design
CAD $33,961 - Business
CAD $34,628 - Commerce
CAD $29,958 - Computer Science
CAD $37,345 - Engineering

Included in cost

  • Education

Additionally paid

  • Textbooks and supplies - CAD $1,200 - CAD $2,600
  • Residence (traditional single room for 8 months) - CAD $7,512
  • Meal plan (8 months, mandatory if living in some residences) - CAD $2,750 - CAD $5,500 for 8 months
  • Personal expenses - CAD $2,500 per year
  • Health and dental care - CAD $982
  • Living off campus - approximately CAD $15,000 (room and board)
  • Services of the company "Paradise"


  • Help with choosing the right program.
  • Paperwork (translation of documents confirming education; assistance in writing curricula, motivation letters; consultations on the collection of documents confirming the financial viability of the sponsor).
  • Supervising the student in the first month of study: assistance in resolving issues related to resettlement, billing and adaptation in a new educational institution.


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If you are interested in working in Canada, then follow the link to get full information about it. You will find out which job is currently most in demand in Canada and you can select a job by entering the name of the training program!

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