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Why to choose a private school?


Applying to a boarding school is a very important decision and privilege. The best and most important reason for making it: your child wants to study there!

You should also consider going to a boarding school if:

  • Your child wants nothing.
  • You are concerned about teachers' prejudice at school, favorites and outcasts, and sometimes envy.
  • It seems to you that your school does not provide real knowledge.
  • Your child is not doing very well, although he is capable of more.
  • Your child is only interested in gadgets.
  • Your child is being pushed, insulted, bullied
  • You are concerned about the fact that soft drugs are being sold openly in our schools.
  • You don't know what your child is doing after school and suspect the worst.
  • It hurts you to look at the grown-up children of your relatives and friends: they are infantile and live at the expense of their parents.
  • Your family's divorce situation suggests that your child will be better off at the boarding school.
  • You cannot deal with the child: the adolescent crisis has reached a critical level.
  • You want your child to communicate with a different social class.
  • You cannot help your child with homework.
  • You are concerned about the content of the web-sites your child visits.
  • You want your child to become more sociable and confident.
  • You are worried that the child cannot find himself, rushes about in different clubs and sections.
  • You are concerned that the school does not pay attention to career guidance and the child does not know who they would like to become.
  • You are concerned about the environment in your city: boarding schools are most often located in the countryside or by the sea.

British boarding school: instructions for children under 13

British boarding school: instructions for children 14+

Many high-profile schools are selective. The best of the best students are selected here, and it takes 2-4 years to prepare for admission to them in an English preparatory school or with a special English tutor. Non-selective schools accept children of different abilities. But they may not accept if they feel they are not meeting the needs of the family and the child. There are semi-selective schools: there is a selection criterion, but less strict than in selective schools.

In the UK there are mixed schools and schools only for boys and only for girls. There are also traditional schools, where almost all children live in a boarding house. Sometimes parents rely on rating tables in their choice, which give an incomplete and even distorted picture. It reflects only exams for the final class, which has nothing to do with the rest of the years of study. Exam results are the desired destination, but what about the whole trip?

In addition, many high-profile schools such as Eton college do not participate in the ratings in principle. The first place in the rating of The Daily Telegrath is taken by Cardiff College, which is not even a school, it is a 6th form college, and half of its students are from Hong Kong. Concord College is in the top ten - a school, but already with 80% of Asians. The school may be in the top 20, but have a terrible reputation among the British. Children from good English families are not sent there.

Boarding prices range from £ 20,000 (in Northern Ireland) to £ 50,000 (schools with the most luxurious equipment and facilities). The level of education, the reputation of the school and the care of children do not depend on the price. The selective school usually shines with results. This is obvious: they accept the best students and get the best results. And what about the added quality - the ability of the school to help the child fulfill their potential in studies, sports, creativity, and to reach their maximum. This is the real assessment of the school.

What types of bathroom do they have and what is in the trash? What students eat for lunch and what do the local taxi drivers say about the school? Are sports teams open to the most talented or to everyone? Is the principal bursting with enthusiasm? What's on the Notice Boards? Is it empty or is the school life in full swing? The lessons seem lively but in control? If the school is strict, will your offspring raise a rebellion? Will they flourish in a relaxed atmosphere, or, on the contrary, will they start raving?

And, most importantly, are the students proud of their school?

The expert will provide answers to these questions. Choosing a boarding school is critical. In Britain, choosing a school is the most important family decision after having a child. It is the school, not the university, that determines its life trajectory. After all, character is laid there. The connections and the correct emphasis of the ruling classes are being formed. They educate the British elite, high society. For the British, the school where you studied is the main thing.

Do you have questions or need help finding the perfect school?

Contact us and we will guide you through the labyrinths of a huge number of schools to the one that suits your child.


Natalia Strein
Founder of the educational company "Paradise"

Since April 2013, my son Stas has been studying at Rydal Penrhos School, where he went for a taster term. He gets up at 6.45, studies until 16.30, at 22.45 the lights in the rooms are turned off. He lives in a house with 32 other boys. At the same time, the housemaster - "the ruler of the house" - writes to me that Stas has perfectly mastered the rules and daily routine. In the 10th grade (and at the age of 14 in England you go to the 10th grade), you must study Mathematics and English, the rest of the subjects can be chosen. Stas chose Chemistry, Physics, Biology, German, and Business. He has already written a paper on Business: an essay in which it was necessary to analyze in which of the two proposed cities, when taking into account the initial data, it is more profitable to open a restaurant. He succeeded and got the teacher's praise.

In Chemistry, he extracts kerosene and gasoline from oil right in the classroom. In biology, he learns to do urine analysis. Continuous experiments! He said that going to school is interesting, although they study until 16.30. Then, an art studio or a huge amount of sports. They give everyone an opportunity to have a try: cricket, squash, tennis, swimming, gym, football, rugby ... On weekends - mountain biking expeditions, jumping into the water from rocks, canoeing, and surfing in wetsuits. He doesn't watch the TV.

I received a letter from the headmaster of the school, where she says that she is happy with how my son settled in the school. “Stas is a friendly, happy boy,” she writes. “I have spoken to all the teachers and they report that he is doing great in all subjects.” You know, I shed a tear. I have never received such a letter. The last time in School No. 106 in Krasnoyarsk he was assessed as “inadequate”.

Bryanston School
Client of Paradise Education company, Kyiv, Ukrainian
The choice of a kindergarten, school, university is not just a choice of institutions for a child's spending time, it is a choice of his life way.
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Bishopstrow College
Head of the company "TEU" LLC, Norilsk, Russia,
Why did we decide to send our only daughter Sonya to study in the UK at the age of 12? Because we dreamed that she would start learning with pleasure.
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Review of Paradise Education company and admission to the university, Olga Nadelyaeva
Les Roches School of Hotel Management
Client of Paradise Education company, Walton-on-Thames, UK
How to jump into the rapidly departing train of summer practices and necessary work experince? Now I can say - write to Ksenia in the "Paradise" company.
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Director of the Children's Studio Orange, Novosibirsk, Russia,
Our son is studying in England at Queen Ethelburga's College for the second year, now he is 14. After the first year, full of worries and doubts, my husband and I see that we did the right thing by supporting the child's decision to study abroad.
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Queen Ethelburga's college
Deputy Manager of Sberbank Branch in India, New Delhi, India,
My daughter has been studying at Queen Ethelburga's college for the third year now. The school turned out to be "the one" for us.
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Client of the company "Paradise", Zurich, Switzerland
Our eldest son Philip came to study at King William's College Private Boarding School on the Isle of Man in September 2013.
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