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Cesar Ritz College

г. Бриг, г. Люцерн, г. Ле-Бувр
Baccalaureate, Master's degree

Age: 17+

César Ritz Colleges is part of the Swiss Education Group, a network of leading Swiss schools for management in the hospitality industry. All educational institutions of the group are located in Switzerland - the birthplace of the hospitality industry. Graduates from Swiss Education Group schools are in demand all over the world.

Educational institutions meet the high quality standards for which Swiss education is renowned. Close relationships with leading companies in the hospitality industry provide a hands-on curriculum focus. And partnerships with universities allow students to receive diplomas not only from a Swiss, but also from a British or American educational institution.

Switzerland is a great choice for those looking to study abroad. This country with a high standard of living is located in the central part of Europe and is famous for the fact that it was in it that the traditions of education in the field of tourism and hospitality were born. Switzerland has long been renowned for its high level of education in the hospitality industry. Many of the world's most successful hoteliers have been educated in our beautiful and safe country.

While studying in Switzerland, you will appreciate the country's location in the heart of Europe and the high level of security. A high standard of living, the splendor of nature, cultural and linguistic diversity - these are the main components of such a unique life experience.


  • Twice a year, representatives of more than 60 companies from all over the world come to the schools of the Swiss Education Group to recruit employees. The International Employment Forum provides students with excellent opportunities for future careers. In addition, the college's employment service assists students in getting started.
  • Upon graduation, students join the alumni community of over 20,000 worldwide. Groups of alumni in different countries maintain communication, expand contacts and personal connections.
  • The Cesar Ritz is housed in a former hotel that has been modernized and equipped with the most modern equipment in Switzerland for the study of hospitality and culinary management.
  • César Ritz College graduates become true professionals and actively work in the industry, exceeding expectations through perseverance in achieving high results.
  • The college implements the original idea of ​​students' practice in foreign hotels and travel companies, where they find themselves in the thick of things. This is a great opportunity to gain practical work experience abroad. The minimum monthly salary for an internship in Switzerland is CHF 2,172.


The college has three buildings: in Le Bouvray (French-speaking region), Lucerne (German-speaking region) and Brig (German-speaking region, where they study for master's programs).

Each campus offers ideal conditions for study and recreation. It houses the most modern equipment, from the latest computers, projectors and whiteboards in classrooms to lecture halls and a banquet hall. The excellent Equipment allow students to practice on campus.

Each campus has a modern library providing access to a specialized collection of books and scientific materials. An innovative online service allows students to search for the necessary materials, and also provides access to an extensive collection of electronic resources.

On the territory of each campus there is excellent sports equipment: a gym, a fitness center, fields for playing football, basketball, badminton and other sports.


The programs provide fundamental knowledge and are aimed at a detailed study of management in the field of the hospitality and tourism industry with a specialization in entrepreneurship. In addition, you are given the opportunity to start working on your own business plan, drawn up as a business planning assignment within the bachelor's program.


Upon completion of the studies, the student receives a Swiss Graduate Diploma and a Bachelor's Degree in International Business in Hospitality and Tourism Management.

The César Ritz Colleges offers two bachelor's degrees at once through a partnership with Washington State University. Various specializations are offered in the field of management of foreign economic activity, in the tourism and hospitality industry. This unique program builds practical and management skills backed by strategic knowledge.

Year 1: Campus in Le Bouvray or Lucerne



1st semester (11 weeks)


2nd semester (11 weeks)


Internship with pay in Switzerland or abroad (4-6 months)


Year 2: Campus in Le Bouvray or Lucerne

Management of hotel rooms and maintenance of hotels and restaurants


3rd semester (11 weeks)

4th semester (11 weeks)

5th semester (11 weeks)


Internship with pay in Switzerland or abroad (4-6 months)


Year 3: Brig Campus

International business, business plan and specializations


6th semester (11 weeks)


7th semester (11 weeks)

8th semester (11 weeks)


 Master of Science

Age for admission: 21+. Upon graduation, the student receives a Master of Science degree in International Business Management in the Hospitality Industry.

The Master of Science degree is awarded after completing a rich curriculum that builds critical thinking and problem solving skills that are essential in leadership positions. Young people will have to learn methods of management, advisory and research activities. The foundations are laid for work towards a Ph.D.

9 months

4–6  months

6  months

Campus in Brig

3 academic semesters

(1 semester: 11 weeks)

Internship with pay in Switzerland or another country

Campus in Brig

2 academic semesters

(1 semester: 11 weeks)


César Ritz Colleges has three well-equipped campuses. They are located in Switzerland, in regions where you can hear French and German speech.

Campus at Le Bouvray

The campus is located on the shores of Lake Geneva. There are magnificent views of the Swiss Alps. Le Bouvray, which can be reached from neighboring France in five minutes, is a popular summer resort.

Campus in Lucerne

The campus is located in a picturesque location - a former hotel - in the heart of the city. Lucerne is a beautiful German-speaking city with a thriving tourism industry.

Campus in Brig

This university center, located at the foot of the Matterhorn, is adjacent to the famous ski resorts of Zermatt and Saas-Fee. All students are accommodated in comfortable single rooms with their own bathroom and toilet, which guarantees them complete privacy.


Students can visit gyms on campus. In addition, the student coordinator and student committee organize interesting sporting events throughout the year.

  • Ski trips to nearby world class ski resorts. If necessary, you can take classes with instructors.
  • Snowshoe hikes (in winter).
  • Sports days.
  • Paintball, bungee jumping and many other activities.

Participation in a sports team helps to make new friends, develop team spirit and, most importantly, maintain a good level of physical fitness.


Students are provided with great opportunities for active extracurricular activities. Many events are organized by the student committee. They provide an opportunity to meet other students in an informal setting, and often help expand professional knowledge. Here are some of the activities and excursions traditionally organized by the student committee:

  • Weekly theme nights
  • Theater
  • Student parties
  • Trade Shows and Fairs (e.g. Gastronomia and Vinea)
  • Visiting famous cities in Switzerland and travel to other countries

COST, 2022-2023

Bachelor's degree, duration of study - 3 years, cost - CHF 164,400 for 3 years of study.
Master's degree, duration of study - 1 year, cost - CHF 42,700 per year.

Included in cost

  • Teaching
  • Accommodation and meals

Extra paid

  • Deposit - CHF 1,500
  • Accommodation in a single room (optional)
  • Services of the company "Paradise"


  • Help with choosing the right program.
  • Paperwork (translation of documents confirming education; assistance in writing curricula, motivation letters; consultations on the collection of documents confirming the financial viability of the sponsor).
  • Supervising the student in the first month of study: assistance in resolving issues related to resettlement, billing and adaptation in a new educational institution.
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