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King William's College

Isle of Man
Year of foundation
11—18 years old

King William's College was founded in 1833. The school is located in a safe and environmentally friendly place on the picturesque Isle of Man. It is easy to come here either by direct flight from UK airports or by ferry from Liverpool. The Isle of Man airport is very close to the school. The island is one of the world's leading offshore centres, and school students have the opportunity to visit banks and business organizations as part of business practice.

The school helps each student to acquire a love of knowledge, develop their potential, become an independent and responsible person with a clear life position.

The school has about 400 students. Representatives from around the world study here, this creates an international composition that forms tolerance and the ability to work in a team. Foreign students receive full academic support from teachers, are easily integrated into school life and take part in school activities.

DIRECTOR (stand 2023)

Damian Henderson, Education - Cambridge University, Master's degree.

Famous school graduates

  • William Henry Bragg, physicist, chemist, mathematician, Nobel laureate in physics in 1915
  • Thomas Brown, poet and writer
  • David Kannan, politician
  • Jack Malcolm, military
  • Andrew Corlett, lawyer
  • Joseph Cumming, geologist and archaeologist
  • John Allerton, author of hymns
  • Frederic Farrar, teacher and writer
  • Henry Higgins, matador
  • Robert Johnson, military
  • George Stephenson, engineer, pioneer of English railway construction
  • Sir John Mayhew, politician
  • Sir Joseph Davidson, politician
  • Henry Percival, military, winner of the St. George medal (second level civilian award in the UK)
  • John Taylor, inventor
  • William Artut White, diplomat
  • James Wilson, theologian and astronomer
  • Harry Redford, rock musician
  • Sons of the President of Bangladesh and the Prime Minister of Nigeria


  • The school has a friendly and caring atmosphere and provides individual support for each student.
  • Small classes with caring and attentive teachers.
  • Excellent living conditions.
  • This is a traditional British school where most students are English. Foreign children study in the same classes with the British.
  • The school is at sea, in a favourable ecological environment.
  • The Isle of Man is characterized by the absence of crime and the extreme kindness of the locals.
  • The school teaches sports, theatre and music at a high level.
  • 90% of graduates go to the universities they plan to, including Oxford, Cambridge, Edinburgh, London School of Economics, University College London, as well as universities in the USA, China, Holland and Germany.
  • The school is one of the leading UK schools teaching International Baccalaureate (IB), the school has been teaching IB since 2002. All students study in the IB system, so the school is one of the most experienced professionals in the UK.
  • 15% of graduates receive 40 points or more in IB exams, which puts them among the top 6% of graduates in the world.
  • Qualified teachers assist in learning English for students coming to school from other countries.
  • There is a one-year pre-IB course for students 15-16 years old.
  • Independent from the UK visa system - a visa is issued to the student not for 1 year, but for the entire period of study.
  • There is an opportunity to learn Russian.
  • Regular police dog searches of rooms for drugs.
  • The son of the owners of the Paradise company studied here.


King William's College has excellent sports equipment: a sports complex with playgrounds for basketball, volleyball, badminton and netball. Indoor heated pool, tennis courts with various coatings, all-weather fields for rugby, football and hockey with special lighting, a modern gym.

The school has a music school and a theatre with 200 seats, the theatre has recently been renovated, new light and sound are installed. The school has a huge library with 29,000 books, study guides, fiction, newspapers and magazines. There are 19 computers, printers, copiers and scanners for work, there is wireless Internet. The school’s art department has a large studio, a room for painting, a ceramics studio and a photo studio.



The curriculum includes: art, design and technology, theatre art, English, French, geography, history, computer technology, mathematics, music, physical education, religious studies, biology, chemistry, physics, Spanish or Latin (to choose from).

The secondary school curriculum for obtaining a certificate of secondary education (General Certificate of Secondary Education) includes 6 compulsory subjects and 3 subjects of choice.

Pupils are divided into small classes, each class has its own leader, with whom students necessarily meet once a week to discuss the learning process. The class teacher maintains constant feedback with the students' parents.


In high school, students’ study under the International Baccalaureate Diploma program. This is a university preparatory program. The program combines humanitarian and scientific fields.

Pupils choose six subjects for study: 3 at the advanced level and 3 at the standard level. In addition to this, students write an extended essay of 4000 words, take the course “Theory of Knowledge” (practical philosophy) and spend half a day once a week on a project on the CAS course (“Creativity, Activities and Mutual Assistance”).

There is a specialist at the school who has been helping students to enter German universities for many years, studying in which is free or almost free. In German universities, more than 1,600 specialties are taught in English.


30% of students live in a boarding school. A friendly, warm, creative atmosphere has been created here. Living in a boarding house will allow children to become more independent, teach them how to socialize better and interact more effectively with other people.

There are two houses on the school grounds: one for boys, the other for girls. Younger students live in double or triple rooms, high school students live in single rooms. The houses have a common room, a games room and a kitchen with the necessary equipment. Mentors live here, who look after the students and provide the necessary help and support.


The school has created the perfect balance between study and active studies. Sport is an important part of learning and the school does its best to help the student achieve sporting success. Sports that can be practiced: athletics, basketball, cricket, cross-country, football, gymnastics, hockey, netball, table tennis, rugby, swimming, tennis, badminton, softball, volleyball, trampolining. You can do golf, because the school is adjacent to an 18-hole golf course. Many students represent the school in competitions. The school is especially strong in rugby, the team travels to international competitions.

Sports activities are part of the curriculum and take place twice a week. However, in their free time, students can attend various sports clubs according to their interests, as well as choose sports as one of the subjects for in-depth study and subsequent passing the exam.

The following sports are required for students:

  • winter semester: boys - rugby, girls - hockey,
  • spring semester: boys - soccer, girls - netball,
  • summer semester: boys - cricket, girls - rounders


Students can make music. In the lower grades, music is an obligatory part of the curriculum, special emphasis is placed on practice: playing musical instruments, singing, participating in school ensembles. In high school, students have the opportunity to choose music for in-depth study and IB exams. In recent years, students have achieved significant success, and many after school go to the music department of Cambridge University and the Royal College of Music.

Pupils take an active part in the work of the theatre studio. Performances with the participation of schoolchildren are regularly held, while the students completely perform the performances themselves: from acting to costumes and directing. Trips to the most famous theatres of Paris, New York and Japan (this is part of the training). Theatre art can also be chosen as one of the subjects for passing high school exams.

The school has a very strong department of fine art. Students can master painting, architecture and design. Art classes are held in small classes, and the guys work closely creatively with the teacher and hone the technique. The directions of classes are diverse: oil painting, acrylic and watercolour, ceramics, sculpture, photo printing, media art. Seminars with visiting masters are held for students, trips to galleries in England and abroad are organized.

The school offers the Young Entrepreneurs program as an additional lesson. In the learning process, topics related to finance are studied: taxes, how to create a bank account, loans, what is the annual interest rate, how not to get into debt and not become a victim of fraud. Schoolchildren learn to manage money, study consumer rights and consumer habits.

High school students attend an annual training program where they learn how to realize their business idea. Pupils create their real enterprise and study the principles of the company’s functioning, elect a board of directors, buy and sell shares, study the market and learn how to manage the company's finances, choose a product or service that will finance, write a business plan. At the end of the program, each student presents a final report to the “board of directors". This program is recognized by the European Commission for Entrepreneurship Promotion as "Best Practice in Entrepreneurship Training."

King William's College has the United Cadet Corps (CCF), founded in 1909 as part of the officer training corps for army officers. The training program is designed to develop strong leadership skills and self-discipline. The corps has changed a lot in recent years and now offers students in the following areas:

  • sailing
  • piloting aircraft
  • military competitions, including shooting competitions

COST, 2023-2024

£34,940 - £41,590 per year (depending on age).
There are 3 semesters in the school year.

Included in cost

  • Teaching
  • Accommodation and meals

Extra paid

  • Deposit - £1,500 
  • Flights
  • Transfers to / from the airport
  • Visa
  • Services of the company "Paradise"
  • Guardianship (as required by British law)


  • Selection of 5-6 schools that best meet the individual characteristics of the child, further goals, talents, with the desired environment. Help in the correct interpretation of school ratings, an explanation of why the school occupies one place or another. Help in obtaining reliable information about schools that are not included in the ratings, with an explanation of the reasons for non-participation in it.
  • Admission to 1-3 schools, selected from the proposed. Which includes the preparation of the necessary documents, school reports, characteristics, recommendations. Selection and submission of tests to prepare the student for exam testing, assistance in preparing essays. Preparation for an interview with the teacher / principal, registration for the exam. The necessary list of recommendations when attending school for passing entrance examinations. Correspondence with the school (far from all schools enter into correspondence with foreign parents, they are cautious, trust only a trusted agent).
  • Assistance in paying registration fees, deposits, bills. Clarification of school rules, including disciplinary and legal aspects.
  • Filling out the required medical forms.
  • Selection of guardians required by UK law.

Student supervision during the first month of training is provided as a gift: assistance in resolving issues related to resettlement, billing, informing parents about the child’s health status, assistance with understanding of academic programs, organization of ext. classes for the child in a particular subject, help in choosing the program most suitable for the child, transfer to another class, etc.

Testimonials about King William's College
King Williams college
Client of the "Paradise" company, Moscow,
When we had a question about sending our son to study in England, we began to look for companies that help to find the school that suits the child best.
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Client of the company "Paradise", Zurich, Switzerland
Our eldest son Philip came to study at King William's College Private Boarding School on the Isle of Man in September 2013.
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Client of Paradise Education company, Zhitomir, Ukraine
All coincidences are not accidental ... I met the company "Paradise" while surfing the Internet in search of summer courses with an academic bias in England for my son. I found what I was looking for on the Paradise website.
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Paradise Owner,
New Year's Eve 2016. My rugby son started playing Beethoven on the piano. He just made a written presentation of my company's activities during the crisis, with a SWOT analysis and his own vision of its further development (In English, of course!)
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