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Gordonstoun School

Year of foundation
8—16 years old

Age: 8-16 years old.

Dates: July 5–29, July 15–August 5, 2024.

Gordonstoun School, founded in 1934, is one of the most famous and prestigious boarding schools in the UK. It is located in the city of Elgin in Scotland on the shores of the North Sea, a two-hour drive from Aberdeen Airport and an hour drive from the airport in Inverness.

The school was attended by members of various royal families, in particular, Prince Charles, the son of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain, her husband, two sons and grandchildren. The building is surrounded by picturesque countryside, forests, fields and hills, which creates an ideal atmosphere for study and relaxation.


  • Pupils from 35 countries.
  • Development of interpersonal communication skills and self-confidence through a huge number of cultural, creative and team events.
  • 1 mentor for every 2 children.
  • The school is away from the city and the noise, it is an ideal place for spending summer holidays.
  • English classes are held in small groups of 6-7 people of different nationalities.


A theatre, a library, well-equipped classrooms, a video room, a conference room, a dining room, a gym, an indoor heated pool, 12 tennis courts, volleyball, basketball, soccer courts, 4 squash courts, and a 400-meter track and field track. A 24-hour medical centre operates where a nurse is on duty.


English (ages 8-16)

15 English lessons per week. Upon arrival at school, students take a test and then are divided into groups according to the level of knowledge of the language (elementary, intermediate, advanced). Particular attention is paid to the development of speaking so that children can communicate calmly and confidently. Students with a higher level of language will have the opportunity to meet and discuss the masterpieces of English literature, as well as the traditional English lifestyle. The training program includes reading newspapers and magazines, discussing world news. During the course, students write letters, diaries in English, as well as essays and articles on various interesting topics. At the end of the program, a certificate is issued.

Literature And Creative Writing (ages 8-16)

Program for students with a good level of English. The program includes the study of literature, reading and critical reflection of texts, the study of poetry and prose. At the seminars, students will create their own texts in different genres.

Computing (ages 8-16)

The training takes place on Microsoft software and includes training in various programs and applications: word processing, spreadsheets, databases, computer layout, PowerPoint presentations, multimedia, graphics, programming, control technologies and the Internet. Training does not require experience in these programs.

International Citizenship (ages 13-16)

This course is suitable for students who have a strong command of English or who are native speakers. It is aimed at improving spoken English through debates and presentations, but also with particular emphasis on the positive skills of dialogue to promote understanding and empathy; this is particularly in line with Hahn’s vision of young people from many nations as a ‘brotherhood’. Students will be encouraged to consider key global issues such as world religions, political ideologies, social media, fake news and the environment; they will learn to challenge what they are taught and to develop and express their own opinions in ways which celebrate diversity and promote global peace and co-operation.

Our Natural World (ages 8-12)

This course is suitable for our younger age students with a good level of English. They will learn about and appreciate the biodiversity of our natural world and the value of our natural environment to global health, our society and economy. Many of the lessons will take place outside; we are fortunate to have the Gordonstoun campus at our disposal, which provides 200 acres of woodland, and the nearby Moray Firth beaches, cliffs and rockpools boast an impressive array of bird and sea life. Classroom sessions will be adapted to suit age and English ability, but will include research and project work, as well as practising more formal speaking skills through presentation and debate.

Social Enterprise and Social Entrepreneurship (ages 13-16)

This course is suitable for students for whom English is their first language, or who have a strong command of English. On this course students will work in teams and learn about enterprise and being an entrepreneur. Workshops on spotting a business idea, creating a business plan, sourcing finance, presenting the idea and taking the idea to completion will help students become more confident in their individual creativity, and presentation and problem-solving skills. A social enterprise is one that has no shareholders but instead gives its profits to social causes. The culmination of the course will be an event, planned and presented by students, which promotes and benefits their chosen social cause.


Living in a residence under the supervision of experienced mentors. Boys and girls live separately. Younger children live in rooms of 3-6 people. Older students live in double and triple rooms. Toilet and shower on the floor.

A balanced diet with a huge selection of dishes. Separate meals for vegetarians, children with medical and religious restrictions.


In their free time, students can take part in various activities, including sports. The training is conducted in English, which contributes to more effective language learning. Badminton, basketball, football, volleyball, tennis, squash, canoeing, go-karting, golf, ATVs, swimming, horse riding, golf, kayaking and athletics are included in the outdoor activities program. Also, under the strict guidance of an instructor, you can learn the basic climbing skills on a special wall. For three days, all camp participants will go on an ocean cruise on a yacht. At this time, the children will be under the supervision of an experienced team that will teach the children the basics of yachting.


In addition to studies and sports, students will be able to try their hand at art at design and technology workshops. There is an opportunity to learn how to work on wood, metal, clay. Children will create beautiful crafts with their own hands: jewelry, decorative glasses, designer t-shirts, watches, cups.

The program of additional classes also includes: cooking, fishing, bowling, shopping. Children will also enjoy trips to local attractions: the medieval Kodor Manor and, of course, the famous Loch Ness Lake.


Every day there are international evenings, discos, visual and applied arts, talent shows, quizzes, various games, welcome parties.


7:30 – Wake up

8:00 - Breakfast

8:40 - Lesson 1

9:45 - Lesson 2

11:10 - Lesson 3

12:15 - Lesson 4

13:15 - Lunch

14:30 - Sport / activity

17:00 - Free time

18:00 - Dinner

19:00 - Evening activities

21:30 – Bed time

COST, 2024

£6,100 for a 3-week course.

Included in cost

  • Teaching
  • Testing to determine the level of language proficiency
  • Educational materials
  • Residence
  • Meals - full board
  • laundry
  • Sports and leisure activities
  • Excursions
  • Certificate at the end of the program

Extra paid

  • Flight
  • Visa
  • Insurance
  • Transfers from and to the airport
  • Educational company services - 100 euros


  • We operate since 1996
  • Choose camps with a minimum number of Russian speakers
  • We place children only in camps which provides good accommodation
  • Conducted a personal inspection of almost all the schools that we offer
  • We do not work with the mass segment, only camps for discerning customers
  • You can call us 24/7
  • We inform you about the particularities of each course
  • What customers appreciate us for


Svetlana Nogotkova
Administrative and Visa Specialist and Boarding School Consultant

Every summer, boys and girls from more than 40 countries look forward to coming to Gordonstoun School to spend three and a half unforgettable weeks here. This is a dream for different children, including from royal and famous families from around the world, who change their names when they come here. Gordonstoun is the only UK school to have its own large ocean 25-meter yacht and a small yacht fleet. The highlight of the summer program is a 3-day cruise along the islands of northwestern Scotland under the close supervision of a professional team.

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