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College Du Leman

Year of foundation
French Baccalaureat, High School Diploma, IB, IGCSE, Swiss Maturité
11—18 years old

Collège du Léman was founded in 1960. The school is 9 km away from the centre of Geneva, 280 km from Zurich. The magnificent campus is located on 18 acres of land on the right bank of Lake Geneva, just 500 meters from the lake.

In total, about 2,000 boys and girls from 100 nationalities study at the school. Most are daytime students who do not sleep at the school. Many of them are children of Nestle and Proctor & Gamble employees, while Arab princes’ study at the school.

A choice school offers training for boys and girls from 6 to 18 years old under the British GCSE program, IB (international baccalaureate), American High School in English, French Baccalaureate in French, respectively, as well as the Swiss national program Mature in French.

Such a variety of programs allows you to choose College du Leman for those who are planning further admission to the University of Switzerland, and those who intend to go for higher education to other European countries, as well as to the United States and Canada. The school makes it possible for its graduates to enter the best universities in the world.

DIRECTOR (stand 2023)

Pauline Nord, Education - Edinburgh University.

Famous school graduates

  • Ilker Inanoglu, actor (film "Beauty and the Beast")
  • Mustafa Sandal, pop musician, producer
  • Ido Tatlises, producer, DJ
  • Viola Syutkina, daughter of singer Valery Syutkin
  • Artemy Shulgin, son of singer Valeria


  • The school is part of the association of prestigious international schools Nord Anglia Education, which unites 42 schools around the world.
  • Since 2016, the college has been accepting young children on a full board basis, but these kids under 11 years old will live in the families of teachers, and then will be transferred to a boarding school.
  • High standards of education and comfort are determined by the fact that diplomats and representatives of various international organizations choose this school for their children.
  • Collège du Léman has a primary, secondary and gymnasium. Teaching is conducted in English and French.
  • The school has two departments: the Anglo-American and the Franco-Swiss sections.
  • The number of students in the class varies from 3 to 24 people. The usual class size is 13 students.
  • The main task set by the school is to provide psychological comfort and high performance to students of any nationality and to give everyone the opportunity to develop an individual personal potential.
  • There is no school uniform as such, but there are restrictions on clothing, that is, dress code with which each student is introduced in advance.
  • We visited this school and are familiar with the principal.
  • More than 20 of our children studied or are studying at this school on an ongoing basis, many went to summer courses.


Modern building buildings erected in accordance with the highest modern standards. These are 9 well-equipped scientific laboratories, a library with more than 16,500 items, 4 language laboratories, 4 computer centres with 90 terminals, 104 classrooms.

To keep up with the latest technology, the college has every student at their disposal with an iPad, allowing students to design their work for the entire class.

The housing stock consists of 14 dormitories designed to accommodate 200 students.

There are 4 tennis courts, a football field, 4 basketball courts, a swimming pool, a softball field, jogging tracks, a gym, and a judo room on the school grounds.


Classes at College du Leman are held in two areas: in French - preparation for the exams for a diploma in French secondary education (French Baccalaureate) and Swiss (Swiss Federal Maturite). In English - preparation for admission to colleges and universities in the United States and Canada (American High School diploma), as well as preparation for exams for the diploma of secondary education in the UK (IGCSE) and preparation for admission to universities in the UK and around the world (IB).

All high school students must choose from six to twelve subjects for their studies, not including sports. Students in their twelfth year usually choose six subjects. Advanced Placement students are allowed to choose fewer courses. Typically, the choice includes: English, mathematics, sociology, laboratory studies, French, as well as a third language, art and information technology.

To obtain a diploma of secondary education and for further admission to college or university in the USA or Canada, you need to collect 22 credits (18 of which must be from compulsory subjects). Learning French is a must for all students. Classes are formed on the basis of the level of English proficiency, knowledge of mathematics, laboratory knowledge and knowledge of other languages.

Collège du Léman also offers the IB (International Baccalaureate) program, developed in Switzerland and recognized around the world as the most complex, but at the same time opening the doors to the most powerful universities, including Oxford and Cambridge.

An intensive English program for non-English speaking students is included in the regular schedule. Gradually, such students begin to study the main school curriculum. Each student remains on the preparatory program for as long as it is necessary for him, but not more than a year and a half.

Pupil students do their homework in their rooms under the supervision of teachers. Pupils who have problems in learning receive additional classes. The library is open from 09.00 to 17.30.

Parents receive full reports from the school about their child's academic performance 3 times a year. The report is a written review of each subject indicating ratings. Parents receive additional reports if the child has difficulties with performance in any subject. The school invites parents throughout the year to take part in the open day. Grades are indicated by the letters of the Latin alphabet: from A to F (A - excellent; F - very poor). The letter N indicates that the grade was not given due to insufficient knowledge of the English language by the student. At the end of each semester, a series of tests and exams are held. The school shows the best final exams in Switzerland.


Girls and boys live separately, in several comfortably furnished villas on the school grounds. Each villa has its own director and educators. Each villa has a lounge with TV and video, a kitchen and laundry room in case students want to cook or wash something on their own.

Three meals a day are organized in the school cafeteria. You can also grab a bite to eat at the school cafeteria. All students are offered a paid laundry service. Many students do laundry on their own using washing machines. For 10-12 students, there is 1 adult employee of the school.

The school is a 20-minute drive from the university hospital, in emergency cases a helicopter is called. Remember, dear parents: in Switzerland, measures are taken only if the body temperature reaches 38 degrees!


The school recognizes the importance of playing sports for the full development of the individual. She also acknowledges that there is a direct correlation between physical activity and the mental development of the child, as well as the fact that interest in sports and the ability to engage in them in adults were developed in childhood. All students must include sports in their schedule.

The school has its own football, basketball and volleyball teams. In addition, the school can do tennis, jogging, rugby, skiing. On the territory of the school there is a sports complex where you can engage in swimming, bowling, gymnastics, judo, softball and yoga. A weekly ski program is included in each year's schedule. Skiing is also possible on weekends during the winter months.

In addition, the curriculum includes painting, sculpture, ceramics and photography lessons. The cultural program includes visits to exhibitions and conferences.

COST, 2023-2024

CHF 102,700 per year.

Included in cost

  • Teaching
  • Accommodation and meals
  • Insurance
  • School trips
  • Laundry

Extra paid

  • Registration fee - CHF 500
  • Admission Fee - CHF 4,800
  • Deposit - CHF 6,000
  • Flights
  • Transfers to / from the airport
  • Visa
  • Services of the company "Paradise"


  • Selection of 5-6 schools that best meet the individual characteristics of the child, further goals, talents, with the desired environment. Help in the correct interpretation of school ratings, an explanation of why the school occupies one place or another. Help in obtaining reliable information about schools that are not included in the ratings, with an explanation of the reasons for non-participation in it.
  • Admission to 1-3 schools, selected from the proposed. Which includes the preparation of the necessary documents, school reports, characteristics, recommendations. Selection and submission of tests to prepare the student for exam testing, assistance in preparing essays. Preparation for an interview with the teacher / principal, registration for the exam. The necessary list of recommendations when attending school for passing entrance examinations. Correspondence with the school (not all schools enter into correspondence with foreign parents, treat them with caution, trust only a trusted agent).
  • Assistance in paying registration fees, deposits, bills. Clarification of school rules, including disciplinary and legal aspects.
  • Filling out the required medical forms.

Student supervision during the first month of training is provided as a gift: assistance in resolving issues related to resettlement, billing, informing parents about the child’s health status, assistance with understanding of academic programs, organization of ext. classes for the child in a particular subject, help in choosing the program most suitable for the child, transfer to another class, etc.

Impressions from a school visit

Маrina GolovninaМаrina Golovnina
Director "Paradise"

The school owns a very large territory. Cosy, beautifully designed villas in which children live are immediately evident. In each villa everything is very beautiful, soundly, rather spacious rooms, especially in the recently opened residence for boys Olympus: on the lower level there is a gym, and at the top of the room. Super-spacious, bright rooms with high ceilings, a modern kitchen, always fruit (as in all other residences). Blocks of two double rooms. Each block has 2 souls, i.e. 1 shower for 2 people.

We were invited to lunch in the school cafeteria, and I can say with confidence that the children are well fed: meat, a choice of salads, grilled vegetables, desserts, tea / coffee. At lunch, school prefects (the best high school students) joined us.

I managed to talk with two children from Russia, from Moscow. They were absolutely conscious guys, very educated, open, at the same time modest, in whose company it was nice to be. The boy said that food at school is getting better and better every year, because the school listens to  complaints from children and parents, and tries to improve based on them. He also said that he likes school, the teachers are attentive, trying to give children the maximum of their knowledge.

I really liked the relationship between the children, especially the younger ones, and their houseparents’ (teachers living with children in residences): they hugged touchingly, greeting each other, and it was very sincere. A boy from China "squeezed" and kissed the little son Anthony, a houseparent who lives with his family in the residence.

The school director said: despite the fact that parents pay a lot of money for 2-3 years of school, after the child opens a direct path to Swiss universities, where training is almost free. Investments in secondary education significantly reduce in this case the costs of higher education.


By the DIRECTOR of Admissions  at COLLEGE DU LEMAN, Valerie Scullion

Kamila Akhmedzhanova is a student at our boarding school from Moscow, Russia. Camila began her studies at College Du Leman in September 2012, she came to one of the school’s largest women's residences - Ferrari. In her first year of study in Switzerland, Camila became an active member of the school charity, and she immediately began to receive the highest marks for academic performance. In August 2013, she moved to the small, quiet residence of Mies, which is located off campus.

Camila takes an active part in school life: she perfectly copes with the duties of the head of the class and has been a highly regarded member of the student government since October 2013.

The result of Camila’s high academic performance, determination and high motivation is her conditional admission to universities such as: Durham University, Edinburgh University, St. University Andrews and Oxford University. Most likely, Camila will study Italian and linguistics at Oxford in order to achieve her main goal - to become a journalist.


Cedric Antonio
Senior Marketing and Communications Manager, College du Leman 

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