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Queen Ethelburga's College

Queen Ethelburga's College is located in the north of England in Yorkshire, between Harrogate and York, a 2-hour drive from London. The school is located in the old Thorpe Underwood Hall, luxuriously decorated in Victorian style. The estate, which is an architectural monument, occupies a large territory in the picturesque countryside. The school is easily accessible by car, train or plane.

Queen Ethelburga’s School was founded in 1912. Children from different countries study here. Their parents are members of royal families, diplomats, international businessmen, politicians, lawyers, doctors working in the UN, government, and the military. Getting acquainted, children make friends for life, such connections are very useful and important in the future. School is chosen by parents who want the best for their children.

The school is famous for its first-class reputation, excellent results and caring for students. There are about 1,600 students studying here.

DIRECTOR (stand 2023)

Dan Machin, Education - University of Hull, Management BA Hons; University of Warwick, PGCE Economics and Business; York St. John University, Postgraduate Diploma Educational Improvement, Development and Change.


  • It occupies the territory of a picturesque estate, over an area 2 times the size of the Vatican.
  • More than 1,100 children live in a hostel! You won’t be bored at the weekend!
  • Excellent international reputation thanks to outstanding academic results and caring for students.
  • Accreditation: ISC, ISA, BSA, BHS, British Council, ECS, QISAN.
  • For 8 years, the school has invested 100 million pounds in infrastructure, of which 30 million in sports equipment.
  • 98% of students enrol in first-class universities, including Cambridge and Oxford, the Russell group of universities and the 1994 group (these universities are considered the best in the UK and are highly regarded in world rankings).
  • In terms of living, this school is the most luxurious in the UK.
  • Friendly staff and, as a result, happy, confident and successful students.
  • Here is the newest sports equipment in the UK. A new sports village worth £ 20 million.
  • Elite sports: rugby, basketball, netball, cricket, baseball, swimming. The school offers specially designed programs for these sports. The programs are run by highly qualified trainers with experience in coaching at the national and international levels. Highly qualified coaches are also on football, hockey and athletics.
  • Based on exam results, the school is the No. 1 independent boarding school in the North of the United Kingdom.
  • The school has Russian-speaking staff.
  • There is an opportunity to learn Russian.
  • The school administration regularly visits the Paradise offices for individual interviews with parents and preliminary exams for children.
  • We can provide the phones of parents whose children study or studied at this school.
  • The school is located in the north, a 30-minute drive from York, in the countryside. Surrounded by a wall, security cameras, security and lockable gates. Complete safety!


Huge investments in new equipment for the school - more than 100 million pounds over the past 8 years.

  • Vocational training rooms fully equipped with the necessary reference materials, Pentium multimedia computers. The school has 3 classes, they have 63 computers. Three ICT teachers have over 30 years of experience. Two employees of the school are practical programmers, one of them worked at Google.
  • Computer, business and multimedia training centre with Pentium computers, direct ISDN Internet connection and laser printers. The Centre hosts constant satellite broadcasts of business and world news.
  • Graduation room with air conditioning, leather furniture, dual widescreen TV, speaker system, music system, Sony Play Station, computers, telephone, kitchenette with fridge, hot drinks equipment and dishwashers.
  • Vocational training rooms fully equipped with the necessary reference materials, Pentium multimedia computers.
  • Oak finished main library. Recently, her fund was replenished with 3,500 new reference publications and multimedia computers.
  • Separate study room for graduates, accommodating 40 students. An oak-finished graduation classroom that can be used for oratory evenings, with a Wedgwood-style suspended ceiling and silverware for 50 students and guests.
  • The theatre arts centre seats 200 spectators and is equipped with a stage, theatre lighting, an acoustic system with radio microphones, cable TV, a widescreen colour monitors for the audience, air conditioning, sound insulation and an electronic control centre.
  • Modern kitchen and even a small pizzeria on campus. A daily two-course menu with vegetarian options and a large selection of salads.
  • Snack bar and ice cream parlour with professional kitchen equipment are designed for teachers and students, as well as for the reception of foreign guests.
  • Dining room with 200 seats with toasters on each table. For students installed machines with ice cream, chilled water, microwave ovens. There is a comfortable living room with 50 seats with a full range of fresh newspapers and magazines, chess and other board games.
  • Indoor swimming pool, which always maintains a temperature of 28 ° C.
  • Sauna designed for graduate students. There are also two paid tanning beds that graduate students can use with parental permission.
  • General gym for 100 trainers, martial arts hall, boxing ring, table tennis hall and golf hall (for learning the game)
  • Fully equipped athletic room with 12 different fitness equipment, including a treadmill. The hall is also designed for aerobics classes with a video demonstration. There is also a ballet room. You can engage in various sports in the gym. It is equipped with all the equipment you remember from your school years - the Swedish wall, ropes, gymnastic horses, etc. This huge hall can also be adapted for a 500-seat theatre with a balcony.
  • 140-seat lecture hall. There is a widescreen video projector, stereo speaker system, lighting, department, etc.
  • College store, which sells a wide selection of new and used school uniforms, as well as 200 items of various inexpensive goods.
  • Five all-weather floodlight tennis courts, which can also be used as three netball courts.
  • The school’s luxurious medical centre resembles a private clinic.


The school program is in line with the national education system, which provides for the receipt of a GCSE certificate. Then, students are trained in the national British A-Level program.

The curriculum is individually selected for each student. Small classes, good discipline and motivation bring confidence, success and an excellent career. Students are happy and confident in their abilities. All lessons are held in new, purpose-built classes, in an atmosphere of friendliness and support, which helps students achieve the best.


A two-year program for obtaining a certificate of general secondary education. Required to study 6 subjects, 4 subjects are studied by choice. For students 15-16 years old who have completed Year 10 or the equivalent in their country, you can take a one-year GCSE course.


A two-year university preparation program. In the first year of study (AS-level), 4-5 subjects are studied, and in the second year of study (A2), 3-4 subjects are studied. There is a program Pre-A level, which allows you to effectively prepare for training on the main program.


The school offers the highest quality of accommodation for its students in the residence. Pupils live in well-equipped rooms for 1-4 people depending on age (in high school - rooms for 1-2 people).

The rooms have a telephone with an answering machine, a chest of drawers, a wardrobe, windows with a wind hook, curtains on the windows, blinds, a carpet on the floor, a heated towel rail, a wall clock, an iron and ironing board, a mirror, clothes hangers, a lot of space for that to hang posters, a dedicated study room, a reading lamp, comfortable Italian beds. Also: satellite TV and DVD player (with timer), electric kettle, hairdryer, TV, refrigerator, tape recorder / radio / CD player, private bathroom with shower and toilet, air conditioning, fan, kitchenette, fire alarm, fire a door.

In the rooms of senior students - a 55-inch plasma TV, printer / scanner / copier, washing machine and dryer, Tassimo coffee machine, leather sofa. All rooms are equipped with 9 air conditioners, a toilet and a bathroom.

The college has five residences - for boys Benedict House and Greenacres, for girls Abbey House Multiplex, as well as 2 residences for high school students - Genesis Centre and Court Apartments. Each residence has laundries, lounges with a TV, computers, billiards, small kitchens with dishwashers, aerobics rooms, and picnic areas.


The school pays a lot of attention to the physical development of students. Students are involved in the following sports: rugby, hockey, soccer, netball, cricket, basketball, tennis, fencing, dancing, chess, cross-country running, badminton, volleyball, swimming, athletics.


Elite School Football Academy was created specifically to develop the potential of talented students. The main goal is to give young people the best opportunities to become professional footballers. Players train under the guidance of professional footballer and licensed coach Paul Bolland.


School entertainment centre

COST, 2023-2024

£19,550 per semester.
There are 3 semesters in the school year.

Included in cost

  • Teaching
  • Accommodation and meals

Extra paid

  • Flights
  • Transfers to / from the airport
  • Visa
  • Services of the company "Paradise"
  • Guardianship (as required by British law)


  • Selection of 5-6 schools that best meet the individual characteristics of the child, further goals, talents, with the desired environment. Help in the correct interpretation of school ratings, an explanation of why the school occupies one place or another. Help in obtaining reliable information about schools that are not included in the ratings, with an explanation of the reasons for non-participation in it.
  • Admission to 1-3 schools, selected from the proposed. Which includes the preparation of the necessary documents, school reports, characteristics, recommendations. Selection and submission of tests to prepare the student for exam testing, assistance in preparing essays. Preparation for an interview with the teacher / principal, registration for the exam. The necessary list of recommendations when attending school for passing entrance examinations. Correspondence with the school (far from all schools enter into correspondence with foreign parents, they are cautious, trust only a trusted agent).
  • Assistance in paying registration fees, deposits, bills. Clarification of school rules, including disciplinary and legal aspects.
  • Filling out the required medical forms.
  • Selection of guardians required by UK law.

Student supervision during the first month of training is provided as a gift: assistance in resolving issues related to resettlement, billing, informing parents about the child’s health status, assistance with understanding of academic programs, organization of ext. classes for the child in a particular subject, help in choosing the program most suitable for the child, transfer to another class, etc.


natalya-l.jpgMy story began with trips with the Paradise company abroad, including to England, with the aim of learning English in summer camps. It was a great experience, especially improving the skill of recognizing English speech and speaking practice. During these trips, I discovered England and I really liked this country for its way of life.

Initially, I didn’t even think about the fact that I would ever have the opportunity to study abroad, but when it became clear that there was such an opportunity, I began to prepare for IELTS, for which I took a 3-week preparatory course in England. Having passed IELTS for a total score of 7.0, I got a chance to go to Queen Ethelburga’s College (QE) boarding school near York, where I spent the next two years studying A-level and VTEC. 


АльбинаAlbina Makina from Russia exceeded the mark "excellent" by three points! What puts her on a par with the most gifted children of the planet! Albina received a grade of 9 in mathematics at the GCSE exams (something like our GIA, only a little more complicated). Now Albina has real chances for employment in the UK - after all, she was included in 2.5% of the most talented children in the country. So, in the eyes of the employer, she is better than most British job seekers. (To get a job as a foreigner, you must be better than all local candidates for the workplace). 

Review of working with Paradise, Olga Kharitonova
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Regular client of Paradise, Marbella, Spain
We have known the Paradise company since 2006. We had no doubts about the professionalism and individual approach of the company to each client. When the time came to choose a school for our youngest daughter, without hesitation, we turned to them.
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Review of the company Paradise, Anna Shchilova
Co-owner of the Shtager&shch gallery, London,
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Review of working with Paradise, Olga Menski
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We are very grateful to the educational company Paradise Education for their professional assistance in enrolling our son in one of the best secondary schools in London.
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Director of Business Development at investment company Federated Hermes, London
My husband, an Englishman who considered himself an "expert" when it comes to choosing schools, was very impressed with the quality of Paradise's work. It’s a pity that we didn’t find out about you earlier, it would have saved a huge amount of effort and time.
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