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Cheltenham Ladies' College

Year of foundation
IB, A-level, GCSE
11—18 years old

Cheltenham Ladies' College, a private boarding school for girls, was founded in 1854. The school is located in the centre of Cheltenham, which is famous for its magnificent architecture, rich cultural and historical heritage, as well as numerous exhibitions, festivals and horse racing. Oxford can be reached by train in just 1 hour, and London in about 2 hours.

Over its long history, Cheltenham Ladies' College has earned a reputation as a school with high academic results, successfully preparing girls for admission to prestigious universities.

Now about 850 girls from around the world are studying at the school.

DIRECTOR (stand 2023)

Eve Jardine-Young, education - Cheltenham Ladies' College; Pembroke College, Cambridge.


  • Princess of Malaysia Raja Zarit Sofia
  • Florence Farr, actress and lover of George Bernard Shaw
  • Bridget Riley, actress (TV series "Power Rangers")
  • Sophie Solomon, cellist
  • Kristin Scott Thomas, actress, Academy Award nominee (films "English Patient", "The Bitter Moon", the series "Gulliver's Travels")
  • Katherine Hamnett, fashion designer
  • Amanda Wakeley, fashion designer
  • Talula Riley, actress (films "Beginning", "Pride and Prejudice", the series "Doctor Who")
  • Nikola Horlik, businesswoman
  • Rachel Lomax, First Female Deputy Chairman of the Bank of England
  • Sally Kibble, politician, MP
  • Fiona McTagarth, politician, MP
  • Cheryl Gillan, politician, MP
  • Mary Archer, a scientist
  • Claire Marx, president of the Royal College of Surgeons of Great Britain
  • Liz Miller, neurosurgeon
  • Margaret Lowenfeld, paediatrician and child psychiatrist
  • World Networks, journalist
  • Phoebe Hesket, poetess
  • Sue Lloyd-Roberts, BBC special correspondent
  • May Sinclair, writer
  • Carolyn Spargin, literary critic
  • Betty Ridley, journalist
  • Janet Courtney, writer
  • Sarah Wardle, poetess
  • Hermione Hobhouse, historian


  • The school has a warm and harmonious atmosphere, where each student is given individual attention.
  • The school encourages the diverse development of students. In addition to studying, girls are actively engaged in extracurricular activities: music, theatre, art, sports.
  • Professional teachers keen on their subjects help girls develop self-motivation, gain interest in the subjects studied, and a love of new knowledge.
  • Small classes, girls take an active part in the lessons, discuss and develop their own point of view.
  • The school has an excellent Career Centre, which employs qualified advisers to help identify the interests, abilities and inclinations of girls. Here, students will be helped to decide on further educational goals and choose a university for admission.


Cheltenham Ladies' College has great sports facilities: a huge sports centre with a well-equipped gym, a 25-meter pool, locker rooms and a cafe. There is a large sports hall, which is used for various sports, numerous tennis and squash courts.

The school has its own observatory, which was built in 1897.

The music department of the school occupies several floors, on which there are numerous rooms for classes and rehearsals.

In 2009, the famous Parabola School of the Arts Centre opened with a cost of 12.5 million pounds. Here is the most modern technical equipment, its own theatre with 325 seats, a dance studio, dressing rooms, rehearsal rooms, two large reception rooms. The huge foyer of the centre is used as an art gallery.

The famous Gothic-style building “The Princess Hall”, located on the school grounds, is one of the largest buildings in the city of Cheltenham and seats 800 people. Lectures, concerts and public holidays are held here.

There is WI-FI throughout the school.



A two-year program for obtaining a certificate of general secondary education. Required to study 6 subjects, 4 subjects are studied by choice.

In high school, it is possible to choose from two programs: A-Levels or International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB).


A two-year program to prepare for admission to higher education. Subjects for study are selected individually by each student, based on preferences and the chosen university.

4-5 subjects in the first year of study (AS Level) and 3-4 subjects in the second year of study (A2 Level) are studied.

International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB)

The IB (International Baccalaureate) program is a two-year intensive preparation program for university admission. The program aims to comprehensively prepare students for study at the university, teach to think globally and develop critical thinking skills.

6 subjects are studied: 3 at the standard level and 3 at the advanced level. The IB program also includes the required components:

  • The course "Theory of knowledge." The connections between different fields of knowledge are studied, an understanding of the cultural, social and moral aspects of knowledge is developed.
  • An extended 4000-word research essay on a selected subject.
  • The program “Creativity, Actions and Mutual Assistance” (program of creative, sports and social development).


Accommodation in a residence. The school has eleven houses, five for high school students and six for students aged 11-16. A manager lives in each house. The houses have a kitchen, a common room, a study room, a computer room, a place for practical music lessons, a laundry room.


Sport is an important part of school life. Pupils can engage in various sports, developing their individual abilities. Exercising helps you understand the value of teamwork and the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

Trainers and teaching staff help each girl realize her potential and achieve success in her chosen sport.

Cheltenham Ladies' College is one of the few UK schools to offer three women's winter sports that are taught to the highest standards. This is hockey, lacrosse and netball. On Saturday, up to 20 teams of girls compete in the fields of the school.

The school can engage in 30 sports: athletics, badminton, basketball, cricket, cross-country running, fitness, dancing, horse riding, fencing, soccer, golf, hockey, gymnastics, lacrosse, netball, martial arts, Pilates, shooting, polo, rowing, squash, skiing, table tennis, swimming, rugby, tennis, volleyball, yoga, trampoline.


The school encourages girls to try various additional activities to find something to their liking. Many events are organized, societies and interest clubs for girls of all ages are created. The school considers the wishes, hobbies and abilities of the students and there is always the opportunity to add new classes to the program.

You can take part in the following interest clubs at the school: symphony orchestra, environmental society, horse riding club, international community, young entrepreneurs club, debate club, golf club, politics and history study society, experimental theatre, painting club, club creative writing, jazz groups, martial arts club, fencing club, cheerleader club, reading club, philosophical cafe, bridge players club, chess club, hip hop club, photo club, culinary club, astronomy club, journalism club and, a climbing club and many others.

Art classes are conducted by professional and qualified teachers. You can engage in painting, ceramics, textiles, photography, sculpture, mixed media arts.

Very popular among students are dancing. Classes are held weekly: ballet, hip-hop, jazz, modern, tap dance. For students planning to study at a professional level, it is possible to attend individual lessons at a dance school. Master classes from dance studios are often held, girls take part in interscholastic dance competitions. Each year, the school holds its own dance competition among students.

The theatre department of the school offers classes in theatrical art. Excellent equipment, professional teachers, our own school theatre provide a unique opportunity for the creative implementation of students. Girls can play on stage, as well as take part in the technical support of performances: do hairstyles, make-up and costumes, put on light and sound.

Music occupies an important place in the program of extracurricular activities at school. Every week there are over 1200 individual lessons. Girls learn to play various musical instruments.

During the year, many concerts are held with the participation of schoolgirls. Often held master classes by visiting teachers.

COST, 2023-2024

£15,050 - £16,900 per semester (depending on age).
There are 3 semesters in the school year.

Included in cost

  • Teaching
  • Accommodation and meals

Extra paid

  • Flights
  • Transfers to / from the airport
  • Visa
  • Services of the company "Paradise"
  • Guardianship (as required by British law)


  • Selection of 5-6 schools that best meet the individual characteristics of the child, further goals, talents, with the desired environment. Help in the correct interpretation of school ratings, an explanation of why the school occupies one place or another. Help in obtaining reliable information about schools that are not included in the ratings, with an explanation of the reasons for non-participation in it.
  • Admission to 1-3 schools, selected from the proposed. Which includes the preparation of the necessary documents, school reports, characteristics, recommendations. Selection and submission of tests to prepare the student for exam testing, assistance in preparing essays. Preparation for an interview with the teacher / principal, registration for the exam. The necessary list of recommendations when attending school for passing entrance examinations. Correspondence with the school (not all schools enter into correspondence with foreign parents, treat them with caution, trust only a trusted agent).
  • Assistance in paying registration fees, deposits, bills. Clarification of school rules, including disciplinary and legal aspects.
  • Filling out the required medical forms.
  • Selection of guardians required by UK law.

Student supervision during the first month of training is provided as a gift: assistance in resolving issues related to resettlement, billing, informing parents about the child’s health status, assistance with understanding of academic programs, organization of ext. classes for the child in a particular subject, help in choosing the program most suitable for the child, transfer to another class, etc.

Review of working with Paradise, Olga Kharitonova
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