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CATS Cambridge, school of art

14—18 years old

Summer School of Drama, Art and Design

Age: 14–18 years old.

Dates: June 23 – August 11, 2024.
Duration - from 1 week.

Cambridge Summer School is a course aimed at drama and art classes at one of the most prestigious historical training centres. Courses are held at the Cambridge School of Visual and Performing Arts, which is located in the heart of Cambridge.

Cambridge is one of the largest and most famous training centres in the world. Even if you have never been here, you must have heard it repeatedly. Today, Cambridge is a real home for thousands of students, it is known throughout the world as the discoverer of everything new and a centre for the development of technology.

Cambridge is a very lively and interesting city, offering a huge number of opportunities for students all year round. For the whole world this city is famous for its rich theatrical, musical and comedic life. In summer, there is a film festival, Shakespeare Festival, the city has a Drama Theatre and the Joint Theatre. The city is filled with countless museums and galleries, designer shops and fashionable restaurants, and not far from the school.

If you love creativity, if you feel creative abilities in yourself and want to show and develop them, then the teachers of summer courses will give you all kinds of support in this, awaken inspiration in you and provide you with everything you need for creative activity.


  • Usually at school no more than 15-20% of Russian-speaking students.
  • Students need to have a minimum intermediate level of English or combine intensive English classes with art courses.
  • Small classes and interesting projects create a fun and friendly atmosphere in the group.


Portfolio Preparation (16+)

Three-week course. A program for students who want to create their own digital portfolio. The program includes master classes and lectures from industry professionals. Topics covered include fashion, graphic design, illustration, 3D design, theatre, and painting.

Course "Art and Design"

  1. Film photography

Weekly course. Drawing inspiration from Cambridge's history-soaked storytelling, you can create a portfolio of photos under the professional guidance of local photographers. You will learn everything about photography - from design to putting ideas into practice and subsequent printing, including self-development of black-and-white and colour photography. You need to take your camera with you to the courses.

  1. Painting and drawing

Weekly course. Create shadows, perspectives and lines. Drawing still life’s and models. Students will paint in different techniques: watercolour, pastel, oil, acrylic. Cambridge is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for creativity.

  1. Graphics and illustration

Weekly course. Create impressive artwork using traditional and digital technologies. The result of the work will be your own completed project.

  1. 3D design.

A weekly course that will provide an opportunity to work with various materials.

  1. Animation.

A weekly course for young animators. Traditional and computer techniques are being studied.

  1. Game design.

A weekly course, on which the basics of creating games are studied, as well as special computer programs for this.

Performing Arts Course

  1. Musical theatre (two-week course)
  2. Acting (two-week course)
  3. Performing music (weekly course)
  4. Music production (weekly course)

Intensive course without English. This course is for those who would like to devote themselves to art in the future, or who already had experience performing on stage. The goal of this course is to introduce students to performing arts in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

As part of the course, the game is studied, voice and movement. All this happens through various representations, improvisations, vocal exercises, dances and new interpretations of the works. The course is not only creative self-realization, but also a way to develop self-confidence, increase your own self-esteem and communication skills. Students attend theatre shows in Cambridge and London.

To take these courses you need a good knowledge of English (intermediate to high level).

Course "Filmmaking"

Two-week course. In specially equipped video studios you can create individual or group projects. You can engage in live shooting or animation. Professional cameras and camera equipment will be at your disposal. Studying direction, production of light, editing, design and script writing.

Course "Fashion"

A two-week or weekly course. Thanks to the combination of studio work and excursions, the course will introduce the design side of the industry. Pupils will take part in master classes that are aimed at forming the foundations of creative mastery necessary for further training in this area.

This is not just training, this is a real flight of fancy, it is experiments with various techniques: factory processing and drapery, machine sewing, clothing production, machine and manual embroidery, fabric dyeing and much more. The program includes the study of fashion photography and illustration, as well as editorial design.


Students are surrounded by care and attention in Cambridge. Residences in which students live vary in size and accommodate from 5 to 40 students. Most of the rooms are single with a private shower and toilet.

The residences themselves are a 20-25minute walk from the school.

Children feed on campus in the new cafeteria in Bridgehouse. In the case of trips on excursions, students are provided with lunch packages.

If students adhere to special diets for reasons of health or religion, this must be warned when booking.

COST, 2024

Weekly courses - £1,815
Two-week courses - £3,388
Portfolio Preparation course - £4,719 for 3 weeks

Included in cost

  • Teaching
  • Accommodation in a residence in a double room on the basis of full board
  • Excursion program
  • Socio-cultural program
  • Certificate at the end of the course

Extra paid

  • Flight
  • Visa
  • Insurance
  • Transfers from and to the airport


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  • We do not work with the mass segment, only camps for discerning customers
  • You can call us 24/7
  • We inform you about the particularities of each course
  • What customers appreciate us for
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