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Charterhouse School

Year of foundation
GCSE, A-level, IB, Cambridge Pre-U
13—18 years old

Age: 13–18 years old, girls are accepted to school from 16 years old.

Charterhouse School is one of the UK's oldest and most elite high school boarding schools. It was founded in London in 1611 in the building of the former Carthusian monastery. Pupils of the school are still called Cartesians.

In 1872, the school moved to Godalming, Surrey and is located 20 kilometres southwest of London. In an hour, you can reach central London and Heathrow Airport by car. The school is located in a picturesque area and covers a vast territory of 250 acres. The magnificent Gothic architecture of Charterhouse and the beautifully preserved interiors of the 19th century give the school a charming atmosphere of a classic English school.

The school seeks to educate students in independent study of subjects and scientific curiosity, a love of sports and the arts. It also fosters a sense of self-confidence, individuality and the desire to serve for the good of society.

The school has about 800 students. 415 of them are high school students, 140 of them are girls. Almost all students live in a hostel.

DIRECTOR (stand 2021)

Alex Peterken, education - Eton College; Darham University. He has a master's degree in educational management and a doctorate in education.


  • Christopher Gibson, organist and composer
  • Isaac Barrow, mathematician and theologian
  • Benjamin Bebington, a doctor, inventing a laryngoscope
  • William John Hamilton, geologist and politician
  • Charles Trevelan, Minister of Finance of India in 1862–1865
  • Cardel Bebington, professor at the University of Cambridge
  • Owen Jones, architect and designer
  • George Dennis, diplomat
  • John Leach, cartoonist
  • Inglis Palgrave, economist and banker
  • Richard Webster, judge and politician
  • Warin Foster Bushel, educator, president of the Mathematical Association
  • William Cobbold, soccer player
  • Henry Wilson-Fox, politician, MP
  • John Samuel Tannard, artist
  • Gregory Bateson, anthropologist, founder of cybernetics
  • Anthony Havelock-Allan, film producer
  • Sir Harold Ridley, surgeon, inventor of the eye implant
  • Osbert Lancaster, animator
  • Harry Frederick Oppenheimer, businessman, one of the richest people in the world, chairman of the board of directors of De Beers
  • Alexander Clifford, journalist and writer
  • Jack Wittingham, screenwriter for James Bond films
  • Wilfrid Neuss, a climber, member of the Everest expedition in 1953
  • Lawrence Stone, historian, professor at Princeton University
  • Sir Anthony Caro, sculptor
  • Sir Jeffrey Johnson Smith, politician
  • Kenneth Newton, writer
  • Peter Yates, film director
  • Richard Murdoch, actor (film "The Black Viper")
  • Peter Gran, music manager for Led Zeppelin
  • Peter Gabriel, singer, founder of Genesis
  • Chris Stewart, singer, founder of Genesis
  • Rivers Job, bass player, member of The Anon
  • Richard MaxFale, lead singer of The Anon
  • Rob Tharell, drummer of The Anon
  • Archie Norman, businessman
  • John Pete, journalist for The Economist
  • Rachel Portman, composer
  • Marc Garnier, politician, MP
  • Jeremy Hunt, politician, MP


  • High academic performance.
  • A sophisticated curriculum designed to meet the needs of students and aimed at entering a chosen university.
  • Excellent teachers who know how to inspire knowledge.
  • The entire teaching staff is interested in the academic performance of students. Teachers are ready at any time to provide additional assistance to those who need it.
  • Graduates enter top universities, including Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial College London and other prestigious Russel Group universities.
  • The school has an exceptionally friendly atmosphere.
  • The school fosters self-discipline and a sense of responsibility in students.


The school has an excellent library, art studios, a centre for design and technology, music studios and a wonderful theatre.

The school’s sports facilities are truly impressive: a huge sports centre with an indoor pool, a multifunctional gym, a climbing wall and a superbly equipped gym. The school has its own athletic track, three weatherproof artificial turf fields, floodlit tennis courts, and squash courts. 30 acres of school territory is occupied by a 9-hole golf course.

The art department of the school has spacious audiences for creative studies: a ceramics studio, a textile studio, a 3D room, a room for developing and printing photographs, a painting studio, as well as an exhibition space for demonstrating students' work. There is the latest computer equipment for working with digital photography, creating films and animations.



The program for obtaining a certificate of general secondary education. 7 compulsory subjects and 3 optional subjects are being studied.

IB Diploma Program

Since 1968, Charterhouse School has been offering an IB (International Baccalaureate) program. This is a two-year intensive university preparation program. Pupils study 6 compulsory subjects: 3 of these subjects are studied at a standard level, and 3 - at an advanced level.

In addition to the subjects studied, the IB program includes 3 mandatory components:

  • The subject "Theory of knowledge."
  • The subject “Creativity, activity and mutual assistance”.
  • Extended essay for 4000 words. The student chooses the topic independently during the second semester of the first year of study. With the support of his mentor, the student collects information and conducts research, and the essay itself is written during the summer holidays.


A two-year university preparatory program. Offers items that are not on the Pre-U course. Some departments of the school offer study only A-level programs. 4 subjects are studied, or 3 subjects on an advanced level and 1 subject on a shortened course.


The school has 12 houses for living, which are the centre of life of each student. 5 of them are old-built, and 7 were built not so long ago. Each house has its own colour, and between the houses there are constantly competitions for the title of the best in any field: from art to water polo. All students live in single rooms. Girls live in a special residence for high school students, separate from the boys.

In each house there is a manager, as well as a team of mentors who look after the children and help in resolving emerging issues. Each mentor has a small group of students with whom he meets at least once a week to discuss current affairs.

School meals are a special pride: all dishes are prepared from the freshest ingredients, mainly locally produced, seasonality of products is considered. The menu is prepared for a month, every week a new selection of dishes is offered. The menu is reviewed every semester. Individual’s diary requirements  are taken into account.


Sport is included in the school curriculum and is a must to visit. The main sports: for boys - soccer, hockey and cricket, for girls - hockey, lacrosse, soccer and netball in winter, tennis, and athletics - in summer. Many students go to the sports centre, where they practice in the gym and attend yoga classes.

In addition, students choose the following activities: badminton, basketball, rock climbing, cross-country running, dancing, fencing, judo, karate, rowing, rugby, sailing, squash, swimming, tennis, water polo. You can play golf.


Music training is taught at the highest level at the Charterhouse School: the school has 6 professional teachers who help students achieve significant heights. About half of the students take music lessons, many take part in the school choir and school music festival. Many musical groups of different styles work here: symphony orchestra, string groups, jazz groups, wind groups, church choir, various chamber musical ensembles. Whatever the student’s musical interests, the school will always provide an inspiring atmosphere to help him realize his creative potential.

The school has an excellent art department, headed by an outstanding artist Peter Monkman, winner of the prestigious BP Portrait Award. At the school you can engage in painting, ceramics, photography, create films and animations, and study the history of art. The goal is to develop in students an aesthetic and conceptual understanding of art, as well as improve technical skills in creating works of art. An important part of training is visiting exhibitions and galleries, including abroad - the students' last trips were to New York and Florence.

Theatre art at Charterhouse School has a centuries-old tradition. For students, there are many opportunities to take part in the theatrical life of the school: both on stage and in the technical team, directing and design. At least 7 major theatrical productions take place throughout the year. At the theatre arts department, you can take game and stage lessons from the London Academy of Music and Theatre (LAMBDA) with a certificate.

Every year, the school hosts many events in which students take an active part and can show their talents and achievements: art festival, theatre festival, music competitions.

The school has more than 80 different interest clubs that students can attend. The school encourages the active social inclusion of students. Among the clubs: alternative music, drawing, a club of art lovers, chess, creative writing, a debate club, karate, judo and much more.

COST, 2021-2022

£13,802 per semester.
There are 3 semesters in the school year.

Included in cost

  • Teaching
  • Accommodation and meals

Extra paid

  • Flights
  • Transfers to / from the airport
  • Visa
  • Services of the company "Paradise"
  • Guardianship (as required by British law)


  • Selection of 5-6 schools that best meet the individual characteristics of the child, further goals, talents, with the desired environment. Help in the correct interpretation of school ratings, an explanation of why the school occupies one place or another. Help in obtaining reliable information about schools that are not included in the ratings, with an explanation of the reasons for non-participation in it.
  • Admission to 1-3 schools, selected from the proposed. Which includes the preparation of the necessary documents, school reports, characteristics, recommendations. Selection and submission of tests to prepare the student for exam testing, assistance in preparing essays. Preparation for an interview with the teacher / principal, registration for the exam. The necessary list of recommendations when attending school for passing entrance examinations. Correspondence with the school (far from all schools enter into correspondence with foreign parents, they are cautious, trust only a trusted agent).
  • Assistance in paying registration fees, deposits, bills. Clarification of school rules, including disciplinary and legal aspects.
  • Filling out the required medical forms.
  • Selection of guardians required by UK law.

Student supervision during the first month of training is provided as a gift: assistance in resolving issues related to resettlement, billing, informing parents about the child’s health status, assistance with understanding of academic programs, organization of ext. classes for the child in a particular subject, help in choosing the program most suitable for the child, transfer to another class, etc.

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