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St. Clare's Oxford

Year of foundation
IB, Pre-IB, University Foundation Course, English + academic subjects
14—19 years old

College St. Clare's Oxford is located in the world-famous university city of Oxford, one of the most beautiful cities in England. The college was opened in 1953. It is an independent international boarding school, one of the oldest in the UK and in the world, and began teaching under the International Baccalaureate Program.

The college is located 1.5 kilometres from the city centre. Academic buildings are located in historic buildings of the Victorian era, which were built in the 18th century. In just 1.5 hours you can reach London. Students have the opportunity to visit the capital of England to see all of its historical sights, attend exhibitions, go to concerts or just go shopping.

The main direction of St. Clares Oxford - preparing foreign students for admission to universities in the UK and other countries. The college has an impeccable reputation and consistently high academic results from graduates.

DIRECTOR (as of 2021)

Andrew Rattue, education - Brasenose College, Oxford; Postgraduate Certificate in Education at King’s College, London.


  • Christina Odon, journalist and writer
  • Roger Lubmart, hereditary peer
  • Princess Salha bint Asem of Jordan
  • Andrea Agnelli, businessman and president of the Italian football club Juventus
  • Tom Adams, entrepreneur


  • 100% of students pass the IB exam successfully.
  • Students from 45 countries of the world study at the college, as well as British students. This is a good opportunity to get to know other cultures, make new friends and learn how to communicate with representatives of different countries.
  • A small number of students in the class - 8-10 people. This ensures a high level of individual teacher attention.
  • The college has an informal and friendly atmosphere, very good and warm relations between teachers and students.
  • The main focus is on intensive study and preparation for entering the university.
  • Each student has their own mentor who monitors their progress in learning and helps them get started in college. This makes the process of student adaptation and his inclusion in the British education system as easy and fast as possible.
  • College graduates are distinguished not only by an excellent education, but also by maturity, responsibility, ability to make decisions, an analytical approach, and a citizenship.


Campus St. Clare's consists of 28 buildings of amazing architecture. The college has an excellent library with over 35,000 books, magazines and periodicals. There is also a computer classroom where students can study: prepare reports, essays and presentations.

The college has excellent facilities for academic, sports and cultural pursuits. New art studio opened in 2015, music school, new science laboratories, computer labs, canteen, student cafe,


IB (from 16 years old)

The International Baccalaureate (IB) program is a two-year university preparation course. The program provides in-depth knowledge of a wide range of subjects. IB provides solid preparation for higher education, among which it enjoys a well-deserved reputation. The program is recognized by all British universities and most of the universities around the world.

6 subjects are studied within the program:

  • native language and literature
  • foreign language (English)
  • subject from the cycle "Personality and Society" (business and management, world politics, economics, geography, history or psychology to choose from)
  • natural sciences (physics, chemistry, biology)
  • maths
  • elective subject (music, theatre, painting, computer science or any other subject that is required for admission to the university)

The IB program also includes three key components:

  • Theory of knowledge is a subject on which students learn to think critically and consider facts in a holistic system of knowledge
  • Extended essay with 4000 words
  • Subject "Creativity. Activity. Mutual assistance". As part of the course, students choose a creative subject (painting, music or theatre), any kind of sport, and one or another socially useful activity (helping the elderly, collecting donations, etc.) Thanks to these activities, a comprehensively developed and responsible person.

Pre-IB (from 15 years old)

A program for students whose level of preparation is not yet sufficient to study on the IB program. The course lasts 1 academic year and includes 5 modules. You can join the program throughout the academic year (start training from any module).


  • English language
  • Maths
  • Science
  • Humanitarian subjects
  • Art, music, theatre
  • World literature
  • Personality, society and health

The main emphasis in training is on the development of the knowledge required to study in the IB program.

University Foundation Course (from age 16)

Preparatory program for admission to British universities. The duration of the program is 1 academic year. The program includes training in academic English, as well as elective subjects that will help you to enter the chosen university.

Two directions of the program:

  • English + Business, where business sciences, economics, mathematics for business are studied.
  • English + International Relations, where philosophy, politics, history of the 20th century are studied.

English + academic subjects (from 16 years old)

This course is an effective alternative to the classic English programs. The program is recommended for students wishing to improve their language skills, for those entering the university, as well as for those who are preparing for admission to the master's program.

Course duration - 14 weeks, classes start 2 times a year. There is an accelerated 6-week course.

The program consists of two elements:

  • Advanced study of the English language
  • Academic subjects taught at the university level


Accommodation at the residence. For IB and Pre-IB students, 15 residences are offered, located near the main campus building. Each house can accommodate 7 to 25 people. It has a very warm and friendly atmosphere. Boys and girls live in different houses. Most of the rooms are doubles, there are several triple and also single rooms. All houses have WI-FI.

For students from 17 years old, 4 large residences are offered, which can accommodate up to 80 people. The houses are located 15 minutes' walk from the college. Accommodation in single and double rooms. Each home has a kitchen where students can prepare their own meals and snacks.


Aerobics, badminton, basketball, dancing, football, gym, Pilates, rugby, salsa, rowing, running, table tennis, tennis, yoga, Zumba, volleyball.


In addition to studying, the college places an important emphasis on extracurricular activities. In keeping with the international spirit of the college, these activities foster students' rapprochement and a better and deeper understanding of another culture. In the evenings and on weekends, students are offered the following additional hobby classes:

  • Art club
  • Musical lessons: cello, clarinet, drums, guitar, piano, singing, violin, pipe, jazz bands
  • Chess Club
  • Charity
  • Computer Club
  • Digital Photography Club
  • Discussion club
  • Model United Nations
  • Publication of a school magazine
  • Business group of young entrepreneurs
  • Fishing course
  • Course of playing bridge
  • Gardening club and much more

On weekends, there are joint trips: ice skating, visiting theatres and cinemas, going to cafes and restaurants, attending sports matches, mountain biking.

Excursions to the sights of Great Britain are arranged for students: visits to the city of Bath, Stonehenge, Windsor Castle, London Museum, amusement parks, excursions around Oxford and much more. Students can visit European cities: Barcelona, ​​Prague, Porto.

COST, 2021-2022

IB and Pre-IB Program - £42,626 per year (tuition, room and board)

English + academic subjects:
Tuition - £7,980 per program

University Foundation Course:
Tuition - £14,154 - £20,220 (depending on the number of weeks)

Additionally paid

  • Registration fee - £100
  • Deposit - £500
  • Extra lessons - £59 per lesson
  • Accommodation - £3,690 - £14,004 per programme
  • Air flight
  • Transfers from / airport
  • Visa
  • Service "supervision’
  • Guardianship (British law requirement)


  • Help with choosing the right program.
  • Paperwork (translation of documents confirming education; assistance in writing curricula, motivation letters; consultations on the collection of documents confirming the financial viability of the sponsor).
  • Supervising the student in the first month of study: assistance in resolving issues related to resettlement, billing and adaptation in the new educational institution.
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